Sunday, September 16, 2007

Long weekend

Martin has had to work all weekend and the girls have been busy with their own lives, so its been very boring home here on my own. I've not really felt like doing any housework although there are quite a few dust bunny's and balls of cat fur blowing along the hall. I was going to scrap all weekend but yesterday the black ink on my printer run out and I discovered I didn thave any spares so now I cant print out any photos until the replacements arrive. I have ordered from DVDr which seemed a very cheap site.
I also went to 7dayshop where I bought 2 memory cards (not very big ones but they were on a really cheap offer) for my camera plus two lots of rechargable batteries and treated myself to 3 filters. I reckon a known brand of filters, a circular polarised, a uv and a warm filter plus carry case for £18 has got to be a deal not worth missing. So thats me set up for my Florida trip!
So I have spent most of today surfing around the money expert/paidtoshop/pigsback sites hoping to power up my Loyalty points but I did make a few christmas cards and coloured in lots of stamps.

Last year's Papermania papers, magnolia stamp, studio g stamp, All Night Media holly stamp, and lots of sparkly glitter.

And as promised a photo showing the 3D of my summer card

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