Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The value of going to a good crop

I spasmodically attend a crop in Broadstairs. It is run by a lovely lovely lady known on UKS as BernieTuff. For various reasons (illness, weddings, holidays, helping daughters move house - real life) I havn't been for quite a while but this Saturday when I turned up the ladies were as welcoming as ever. I sat next to, and made friends with Vicky who lives not far from me, and knows how to grab a good stash bargin off ebay! And I took the album of Kelly's wedding that I have been working on.

Now when I started this album, I did not realise that so soon after buying bits and bobs, Chatterbox would withdraw the Powder room papers I had chosen. I have been having more and more difficulty sourcing the sheets I need, and even though I bought quite a bit,and am saving every last scrap it is obvious the album is going to need far more than I have. And even I, miserly as I am, am struggling to make LO's with the little I have left, even when gutting every page.

I mentioned my frustration to Bernie, who immediately told me about a little shop on Margate seafront that may be able to help as they only sold Chatterbox papers. Where does Bernie find these places? So yesterday, despite the pouring rain, I sped down to the beach front where I found, squashed between the ice-cream parlours and slot machine arcades, a strange little 'kiss-me-quick-hat' shop selling all sorts of stuff, lighters, postcards, DIY accessories, poster paints, framed pictures, souvenirs, and ...tucked right up the back..racks and racks of CHATTERBOX 12x12 paper!!!

The only problem was that although I could see what I so badly wanted, I couldnt get to it. All the wirling stands and furntiure that usually goes outside was stacked up in front of it.

'Come back in an hour' said the young assistant.

So I wandered around Margate for an hour. I used to enjoy shopping here, but now the big shopping centre at Westward Cross has opened most of the larger stores have moved out of town leaving a very run down desolate place with many outlets and shops boarded up and empty. The few that do remain are all peeling paint and rather seedy looking tired outlets.

Anyway back to my stash spending spree. When I got back all the papers were fully accessable so like a child in a candy store, I grabbed handfulls. Then I thought that since it was the kind of shop it was, they probably didnt take credit cards, so I riffled through my bag to see how much cash I had. Mmm £10 would net me 28 sheets at 35p each (yes that is all they were charging as they are closing down). I settled for 24 so I had a little left for a sausage roll on the way back to the car park. Imagine how I felt when I went to pay and found that, yes I could have paid by card, and better still, the paper was only 25p a sheet as they were reduced further in the sale!!

I really wanted to run back and grab tons more but was too embarrased to do that. But I fully intend going again before the end of the week to get some of the other rooms and fill up my boots!

So thank you Bernie for the tip off, and it just goes to show the value of going to a good crop.

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Kelly Matthews said...

Ahem, what about asking the loving daughter if she wanted any, or were you keeping it all for yourself!!!