Saturday, September 29, 2007

All's right with the world

Martin has just gone to the bank to sort out our American Dollars for the holiday, the dishwasher is sorted out, the washing is on, I have just cleaned the kitchen floor. This afternoon Kelly is coming over and we are going out to try and get some more cheap Chatterbox papers together, calling in to show her Laura's new house on the way. Martin is off to footie (Gills/Leeds) with Trevor and this evening we are having dinner with him and Jan. In a second I will call the olds and make sure they are all ok, write out lists and instructions for those left at home taking care of things whilst we are away, and then make a few more christmas cards.

Martin even managed to phone up and sort out the tv license which didnt appear to go through on the internet system yesterday and which I worried about for a time.

Yes I think today everythinkg is right in the world.

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lyzzydee said...

Brilliant cards !! I am looking foirward to my holiday in Florida on the 15th, don't you go breaking it!!