Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another christmas journal page

But how I managed this one I dont know because there are wrapped and unwrapped chrissie pressies all over the scraproom floor, and the table is covered in half made cards or cards in envelopes or about to go into envelopes.

Last year I spent ages and a lot of digital memory trying to get a decent picture of my christmas tree. I eventually asked santa for a tripod as I just couldnt get enough light into the camera and keep it steady at the same time. So these 'bits' of tree are all I could really salvage. But Santa is a lovely man and he also bought me a really good camera book so this year, when the tree goes up, I am going to have another go. So the photos lift up leaving space for journalling and the brilliant brillant photo I am going to take of this years tree! We all insist on a real tree in our house, we always have (despite the dog as a puppy or the cat). Its not Christmas without the smell of pine and hoovering up pine needles on a daily basis. When I had Kelly, mum kept saying I wouldnt be able to have a real tree with a baby in the house but when we got it I took her up to it, gently applied her finger to a needle so she could feel what it was like (not hard so it didnt hurt her) and told her it would hurt her if she touched it. She not only didnt touch it but 4 years later when her sister was born I watched her give the exact same warning to Laura.

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