Friday, December 29, 2006

Dead land between Christmas and New Year

This is my boxing day table. And the story to go with it? It starts on Christmas eve when I came home from the Crib service to find a little note on the kitchen worktop propped up against two empty used glasses. 'The elves did it....'

Did what?

Thinking Laura had come in with Wayne I texted her and asked what had the elves done it certainly wasnt any housework. Laura, knowing we were going out to the pub with our friends for a drink texted back asking her father if we were drunk. It apparently wasnt Wayne and her that had left the note. Kelly and Ollie had popped in for a cup
pa between Ollie leaving work and going to their party. They had helped themselves to a (soft) drink and also munched through all the sausage rolls, mince pies and shortcake biscuits which Laura and I had spent two days baking ready for the mob arriving on Boxing day! They had also looked in the fridge and decided I wouldnt have any food for them on Boxing Day.

So Boxing Day morning Martin and I had to spend doing another huge bake in. 4 hours of rolling pastry, grating cheese (and my thumb- ouch) cooking another ham (they ate the first one three days before christmas) icing log cakes and mixing bread and biscuits!

So all the family came to ours and stuffed themselves silly, giggled themselves senseless as we opened the christmas pressies, and played board games on the upturned microwave box because the table was still groaning under grub!!

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Anonymous said...

Great photo graph you been dabbling with the photoshop again??