Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the 23rd day of christmas

we got a letter from the LEA saying we had not been accepted for the foster carers program due to my anxiety. This is despite my doctor passing me as fine and despite our original application starting last May. They have said we can apply again in 6 months time.

My SS gave me a baggie full of more lush ribbon today and yesterday a bag of jelly tots. I am so enjoying this advent swap this year.

And Laura and I have spent two days baking for christmas. I saw these ginger bread trees being made on Blue Peter so we thought we would have a go. They are really simple to do. Any gingerbread recipe and then cut two christmas trees out. Cut one of the trees in half lengthways and when baked just 'glue' the halve
s onto the whole tree at right angles with icing.

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