Friday, December 15, 2006

On the 15th day of christmas

my SS sent to me ...well yesterday it was a set of 4 different coloured gel pens which I have already been busy using to finish off my christmas cards, and today some square sand chips from TLC which included a much needed sanding block, so I am a lucky little bunny.

I am falling way behind on my journal. I suppose it must be part of the grieving process but the last two days I have not really felt like doing anything much and I am even struggling to get the last few christmas cards done. But I am going to have a concerted effort to do at least one page this evening - if I can throw off the headache I have had all day.

We did do something towards christmas though, we took a trip (mum dad and I) down the coast to a farm shop we use to buy the veg for the christmas dinner and then on to a really good butchers to buy the meat. We each got a huge home made apple pie too!!

And the job? Well it came as no surprise but the school has decided not to appoint (again) and from comments made to me in the interview I suspect this decision had been made before interviewing me and def. before interviewing the Thursday appointment.

I would just like to share this card with you all. Angela, a fellow cardmaker and scrapper on the Pad forum, was having a bit of a joke over some of the things she was asked to do on commission makes, so in our Pad card swap I had asked for some outrageous requests on my card. Angela came through to the letter! I think it is brilliant!!! Thank you Angela.

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