Sunday, December 24, 2006

On the 24th Christmas

My SS gave me a whole little baggie full of my fav chocs - Cadbury's fudge. I luuuuve my Santa and its Christmas so blow the calories!! This one simply wouldnt scan so I have taken a (rather poor) photo of it. Its the page about traditions and it seems we have developed a tradition of having to have bits shaved off the trunk of the tree each year. One year Martin used a chisel and sliced his thumb open, we ended in A&E. This year he attacked it with the bread knife. Luckily all the knives in our house are blunt!!
Laura always ends up decorating it. Kelly sometimes started with us but never focused until the end but Laura always has helped until it was done. This year she dragged Wayne over too, and we had music playing, mulled wine and sausage rolls.

Everything is done. I have spent the morning sorting christmas songs onto itunes so that I can run the ipod all day tomorrow. Then I discovered I have over 300 songs and only 170 fit on so I have all the songs A-J on the ipod. At least I got anything that starts with 'Christmas' LOL
At 4 mum and I are going to the crib service at the small church near her, and then this evening over to our friends and out for a drink at their local pub. Martin has had to work all today so he will be tired when he gets home at half seven but I am sure still up for an evening of good company. Tomorrow after we have opened our pressies from Santa its off to my parents for the day. Kelly and Ollie are coming over early to open the presents with us and then going on to his nan's for the day. Laura will be with us until mid afternoon when she will go off to see Wayne and his family. Boxing day everyone is coming to us for the day and we are going to have tree presents and play our board games and what have you. I dont have enough chairs, plates or cutlery so that will be fun!


Anonymous said...

yizz your journal looks fantastic...merry christmas

Heather said...

Love your journal. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas x