Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Finally, page 2 of journal

I have actually started every page but every page needs a little tweek to get it finished. I hope to get them all done and up to date tonight. This is the one for 2nd December

Journalling reads "I love those old fashioned Christmas cards with Victorian snow scenes, skaters with their hands encased in muffs, carol singers in front of bay windows snow piling up in the corners, cottages in snowy fields. In reality I hate the cold silent stuff though, and much prefer my Christmas to be rainy, dark, murky so I can enjoy curling up indoors, drawing the curtains to feel cosy and listening to the drips hitting the conservatory roof, watching the sparkle of the Christmas lights, lighting aromic candles or building a roaring fire in the grate. I love walking along wet pavements twinkling fairy lights reflecting in the puddles and decorations gleaming and distorted by raindrops on windows."

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