Sunday, December 10, 2006

Perfect Christmas page

I think in redoing some pages I have got the days mixed up but never mind Perfect Chrismas!!! And sorry the scan has come out a little dark so the shiny micro beads on the christmas ornament dont show up (after I spent ages glueing them all on)

The exclamation marks are because each tag tells of little! incidents that nearly stopped our christmas from being perfect, from the time hubby stuck the chisel through his thumb trying to whittle the trunk of the christmas tree thin enough to go into the stand, the time Martin bought home a tree so pathetic I sit and cried and he had to go out and buy a second one, to the time my SIL accidently managed to lock herself in the toilet just as we dished up a family dinner to 14.
Lots of Kay & Co papers that I was too busy stroking to use last year. MM pewter christmas charms, Heidi rub ons and SEI stickers.

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