Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On 2oth day of christmas

my lovely SS sent me one of those fold up hairbrushes for your hand bag. My girls were facinated by the one my mum used to carry round when they were little but I never got round to buying one. This is perfect for me because it has a mirror in the handle that is protected by the brush bit so unlike all my previous handbag mirrors it may not get smashed in my bag. I finally got to do another page for my journal. Now the cards are all out of the way and posted and nearly all the persents bought and wrapped I can finally go back to doing things for me!

Ok this may not look that much

but it took me all evening becaus
e the menu unfolds a little zig zag mini book filled with photos of our chrissie dinner - thats the bit that took ages - but unfolded it wont fit in the scanner so I am waiting for better lighting to take a photo of it. .

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Sorry about this ... consider yourself tagged hun
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