Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On the 19th day of Christmas

This blogger n
eeds to catch up. Especially with my audiance growing since I have joined the Crafty Blog's site. Actually that is part of the problem, as I feel I should have something crafty to post but every attempt at catching up with my journal has been thwarted in some manner. But I still want to record what my SS has been generously gifting me. So just a couple of cards in the meantime.

On the 16th day ...a wonderful chipboard alpha, it was in a baggie so dont know much about its origin but its really lush

On the 17th day ...some Body shop Papaye Bath and Shower gel to match the Mango I had earlier

On the 18th ....lots of little shiny shiny beads

And today .... a little baggie stuffed with ribbons, in cream, white, grey and blue.

I have been such a lucky girl with my Secret Santa and am enjoying this immensely.

So to life. Saturday should have been catch up day on my journal but I still needed another 15 Chrimble cards, the room was a mess and I just didnt feel like it much. Plus the kids were supposed to be coming round Sunday to put up the tree so I spent most of the day hoovering and tidying (doesnt look like it now though). In the evening we went for a drink (or two) with our mates, and had a much needed giggle (or two). I have to say that even though the pub had its tree up there wasn't much of a christmas atmosphere - is this something I only remember from my youth or movies? I do remember we used to go out to the pub and the whole place would be twinkling with fairy lights, a roaring fire and the Sally Army would come round singing carols. Of course there was always a lot more people in them then too. Perhaps we are just going in the wrong pubs and everyone is in Weatherspoons - i saw people actually queueing to get in the Canterbury one yesterday.

The kids were late coming round to do the tree and again the spirit of Christmas simply didn't get going. I have a feeling they weren't really in the mood having been all day working on their house, and doing the rounds of B&Q, MFI etc for supplies.

And then yesterday I was a taxiservice for Laura as she had to go to uni with her work file but there was no room in the park&ride, so she came and asked me to drop her in. I ended up parking miles out of town, walking in and spending 2 hours wandering around waiting to take her home (it should only have been half an hour, and if I had known I would have gone home and come back). By the time I had dropped my application in to another school wanting maternity cover that was another day gone and nothing done.

In the evening we took my mum to see Eragon. I enjoyed it but felt the story line needed beefing up a bit, too many riding horses and scenery (beautiful as it was) shots, too many fight scenes with enemies who were not defined enough (whatever happened to white hats/black hats so you could tell the baddies?). Driving home was a bit stressful as it looks like winter is finally here, with icy roads and thick patches of fog. Still all home safe and still tucked in bed.

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