Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another page

The Count down door opens to reveal photo of our Santa's workshop advent that has been coming out every year since DD1 was born 25 years ago. I've never seen another advent like it, you dont open doors but each day slot a little cardboard figure into the workshop scene until Santa arrives on christmas eve. The girls love it so much I have had to scan in and make a second one for DD1 to take to her own home and have instructions to make a third for DD2 when she moves out next year!

Journaling also tells how I have to buy Cadbury advent calendars for t
he girls, my husband AND the girl's boyfriends. As well as which we also have a felt tree with little felt objects to hang on it which I made for school but because we break up before christmas eve I never made the last 5 objects.

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