Friday, December 15, 2006

Driving home for christmas

Well not home exactly and not all for christmas but it does feel like I have been on the road all day. What I didnt mention when I said in my last post about going to get the christmas meat and potatoes is that after, my mum wanted to go on to a lovely little fish and chip shop in Deal to have lunch (parked on the sea front watching the waves and seagulls as we munch). My dad proceeded to zig zag across most of Thanet in order to get there and not take any of the same route twice. So it took about an hour to get there.

Then Laura had asked me to drive to Sittingbourne (about 23 miles away) to collect her from her 'drinks with the staff) after her day at school. I said I would find the pub and checked it out on multimap but I forgot it would be dark and I wouldnt be able to see road names. Anyway she wanted picking up at half five which meant I got all the oncoming rush hour traffic shining their lights on my rather greasy window screen, and despite my dad's best efforts we couldnt get the screen wash to work. Not only that at one point I must have dredged up some dirt from the petrol tank because the engine started to stall and overheat. There I am, lost on a strange estate, with a car about to die on me, and then I couldnt find my mobile phone (it had fallen out of my bag and gone under the seat)., only to be told my Laura that I could go home again as she didnt want collecting for another hour and a half!

Luckily my future son-in-law plied me with a cup of tea, the car cooled down and sorted itself out and I drove home. Wayne had to go get Laura which considering the state she was in (a tad merry) I am rather glad about. Just wish I hadnt spent 2 hours going there and back.

The upshot is that I have only done one more page of my journal and that is a scraplift of Scrapdolly's who has apparently scraplifted Shimelle's. So no originality today I am afraid.

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