Sunday, December 03, 2006

On the third day of Christmas ...

my SS sent to me..
some Tim Holtz pastel words Doo-dads, I am one lucky girl.

I also managed, finally, to get my christmas banner to work. Credits to Martha Bartho and for the holly elements.

Today I took my mum and my youngest daughter Laura to the Christmas Craft Fair. Mum and I have been for the last four years, the first time it was packed and there were tons of lovely hand made stuff from knitted baby clothes, lathe-turned wooded tree decs to Christmas cards but we have seen a decline in the number of people going and the kind of work being exhibited. I was surprised Laura even wanted to come as its not really her bag, especially as is customary, it was blowing a terrible gale, chucking it down with rain and was fairly early (for her) on a Sunday morning. As it turned out she was the only one to buy anything, there were some lovely things but priced out of our bracket for the presents we have still to buy. Anyway Laura bought a hand embroidered baby bib for a friend who is due a little addition real soon, and a really good quality hand knitted scarf for her boyfriend's mum.We got plenty of inspiration for things we could make ourselved too, so despite the weather a successful visit.

We were also going to go to our local town Victorian Street Market but by the afternoon Laura was feeling unwell with a rotten cold, mum had gone home to the warm and even though it had stopped raining I had reports that the road had not been shut and very little was happening. Maybe it had been cancelled due to the adverse weather, but I stayed in and did some more work on day 2 of my Christmas Journal.

Watch this space, I need to do a little more work on it before I share, but I really am having fun with this project.

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